Thursday, 7 July 2016

Man United reach agreement in principle and will pay 120 million euros

Paul Pogba looks for a return to Manchester United stand. The midfielder has long been linked with the Red Devils and would now even an agreement in principle with the clubJose Mourinho have agreed on a five-year contract and an annual salary of thirteen million.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

This Google program lets you buy things with little more than a smile

Google on Wednesday announced that it's testing a new payment program called "Hands Free" that lets users pay for goods without every having to reach into their pockets.Google really wants this process to be a thing of the past.

CORRUPTION & WASTAGE: Buhari And Jonathan, At A Glance. FACT IS FACT.

1] Jonathan sold Petrol at N87 while Buhari is selling at average of N300 & above, yet Buhari supporters think Jonathan was more corrupt and wasteful.
2] When Jonathan Budgeted N1bn for feeding in Aso-Rock in 2011, and N517m in 2015, APC cried wolf and now Buhari's budget for same is N1.7billion. Yet Buharists are mute and still think GEJ was more corrupt and wasteful.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

This Dress Is At Least 5100 Years Old

According to recent radiocarbon dating tests, the Tarkhan dress is between 5100 and 5500 years old, making it the oldest dress ever found. The dress comes from the so-called Tarkhan excavations conducted in the early 1900s in Egypt about 30 miles south of Cairo. According to the study in Antiquity, the dress was buried in a tomb for thousands of years, and came quite close to never being discovered at all. While the main Tarkhan excavations occurred from 1912 to 1913, the dress was overlooked and

Restaurant owner bans bankers after being refused loan

A restaurant owner who wanted to take out a loan had his claim rejected, so now he's turned the tables and done some rejecting himself.
The Parisian restaurant owner has decided to ban all bankers from entering and dining at his French eaterie.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

The never ending crazy love triangle and How To avoid It.

In every man-woman relationship, the affection towards each other is rarely balanced and this is a peculiar trait that has been on for many many years yet there have been no solution to this never ending unbalanced circle of affection.

Either you or your partner will always feel a tilt in the emotional balance and you will either see yourself loving the... guy so so much but this guy in question is actually in love with another lady or vise versa...

So we see Lora loving David but David has a crush on Mary. Mary on the other hand is desperately in love with Paul who have made Mary understand several